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Is This For You?

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Though HOMOWNERSHIP book was written for the queer folk, you don’t have to be, “that way”  or  “a bit funny”  or  “on the bus” or  “batting for the other team”  to read it, learn from it, or enjoy it. Much of the content is true for everyone. It’s just that the stories, examples, references, and humor are tilted toward those wearing the lighter loafers. It’s written in small, easy-going sections, so you can pick it up or put it down whenever you want or need.

Me: I’ll tell you up front, I am not a multi-millionaire with the sir name Kiyosaki, Gates, Wynn or Buffett. I do however have the wealth of experience and insight to share with you my queer family. If along way I help to create more gay millionaires, well, that would be great, fagtastic, gaymazing! I do tell you my story, and show you a picture or two to qualify, but rest assured, the book is about you.

You: You know that homeownership is an aspiration many people have. From an early age it is instilled in us as part of the American dream. We were taught that buying a home is as much a part of the pattern of life as courtship, engagement, marriage and raising children. Fine, but what if that’s not a pattern you want to follow? Where do you fit in? Is there an American dream for you? Yes there is, and it’s time to make it a reality.

For those of you who have an interest in home buying but were never taught the basics and benefits of it, who are “buy-curious”  but never had the opportunity to follow anyone’s example, this book is for you. You all have varying degrees of understanding, but for one reason or another haven’t done anything about it. My goal is to inform and encourage those of you who are still sitting on the fence waiting, wanting or needing something to happen, something to get you going.

Read and learn the information in this book. Get a clear sense of the property buying process, why you should buy real estate, and how it will change your life and secure your future. If you don’t get what you need in these pages, well, the fence will still be there, but c’mon, let’s go.