A Thoroughly Entertaining and Informative Read

While there are a number of informative points in the book, the writer doesn’t get overly serious about their delivery. He moves about the book making his points with a number of amusing stories and anecdotes. He also enlists quotes from and references to: Blow Buddies, Warren Buffet, Cher, Blill Clinton, Paula Dean, Cruella DeVille, Edidth Ann , Ellie May, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Milton Friedman, The Gaelic Language, Your Grandmother, Pam Grier, HGTV Hotties, Herber Hoover,John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Morticia Adams, Rupaul, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Theordore Roosevelt, Leo Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde,and The Yiddish Language.(I think that’s all of them). I really enjoyed to book and got alot out of it: info I didn’t know, ideas I hadn’t considered. I’m going to give it to my brother, try to get him moving in a better direction.