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The Importance of Being Prepared

I would like everyone to be successful. I would!
In real estate, Success Comes When Preparation Meets Opportunity.

The best way for a Buyer to be successful,
is to be prepared with a Pre Approved loan,
then both sides of the deal will know,
that you will have the money
to purchase the property you are pursuing.

There will be no doubt or question or worry.
The funds are there – great.

When you present your Offer,
with your Loan-Pre-Approval Letter,
you’re also showing the Seller that you are serious,
that you’re not there to waste their time or to, “play real estate” but that you are there to buy!

They will appreciate that – your preparation.
It will give them a sense of security in the deal and a confidence in you.

You want them to like you, to favor you, to favor your prepared/preapproved offer,
and not just for their acceptance  (you want that) but also for their indulgence  (you may need that)

For example, if you’re in escrow, and there’s a problem- some delay or dispute –
your good favor will earn their good will – if you need some extra time from them to solve that problem.

So, preparation pays, in a number of ways.
Or, as Emerson put it,
“The future belongs, to those who prepare for it.”

Take that as advice!
Prepare for your future with a pre approved real estate loan, so you will be successful when your preparation, meets your opportunity.