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     We Gay Guys are under-served, un-informed and un-prepared for our financial futures. Who’s advising the gay boys in financial matters? Who? Our dads, brothers and uncles have men like Robert Kyosaki, Dave Ramsey and Ken McElroy to advise … Read More

Is This For You?

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Though HOMOWNERSHIP book was written for the queer folk, you don’t have to be, “that way”  or  “a bit funny”  or  “on the bus” or  “batting for the other team”  to read it, learn from it, or enjoy it. Much … Read More

First Time Buyer

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The fact that you are a first-time buyer is a bonus. Also, it is much easier to qualify for a loan if you are going to be living in the property. It is called “Owner Occupied.” It’s almost a necessity, … Read More

The Road Forward

If you really want to improve your future, make real estate investing part of your present. Follow the plan of buying low, improving, gaining equity, renting and/or selling, until you make enough cash flow to support yourself, or you make … Read More

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