Mark is a Realtor, Teacher, Investor and Author.

He holds a California Teaching Credential and a Masters Degree in Education.

While working as a full-time classroom teacher, Mark purchased and remodeled his first duplex, and later the three houses next to it, and then even more units in the years that followed.

“Real estate investing is worthy work. Basically, it comes down to debt-tolerance and odd-jobbery. You work the property for the rents, while gaining value and equity. When the property is sold, you earn a greater return, a profit, which when used sensibly, through reinvestment and/or debt remittance, can lead to self reliance and financial security - and that's a good way to live.

My goal in writing the book is to teach, demonstrate, mentor and encourage more gays into owning their own homes and controlling their own financial futures. I want that for everyone!

Buy real estate. Take care of it, and IT will take care of YOU. It’s true.”