Homownership’s Portfolio

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PROPERTIES and RETURN ON INVESTMENTS                                      ROI’s 1066 E 2nd St.  Long Beach,  Condo                                       … Read More


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     We Gay Guys are under-served, un-informed and un-prepared for our financial futures. Who’s advising the gay boys in financial matters? Who? Our dads, brothers and uncles have men like Robert Kyosaki, Dave Ramsey and Ken McElroy to advise and mentor them. Suzie Orman seems to have all females … Read More

The Importance of Being Prepared

I would like everyone to be successful. I would! In real estate, Success Comes When Preparation Meets Opportunity. The best way for a Buyer to be successful, is to be prepared with a Pre Approved loan, then both sides of the deal will know, that you will have the money … Read More

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