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HOMOWNERSHIP: A Gay Friendly Guide

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By: Mark William Murphy, M.Ed. BRE. GAY

Main Street Realtors

I am here to present this new book: Homownership,

A Gay Friendly Guide to Purchasing and Profiting from Real Estate and Attaining Self Reliance and Financial Security in the Process.

We gay people are educated, motivated, tenacious and aware. We see the world around us and continue to improve our place in it. In the big picture, we have made significant strides in our quest and right for civil liberties. We have staked our claim in society and continue to grow in places where we are not. One place we are not is the real estate market. We should own a more substantial share of it. By not having any significant presence in the market, we are letting potential to be pulled out from under us, and as a result, we are being pushed out of our neighborhoods.

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